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Health, Safety and The Environment

The Company is fully committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standard of Health and Safety for all of its employees, visitors and the general public by creating a safe working environment at all times, and minimizing the environmental impact caused by our operations.



- To identify and minimize the risk of injury and health hazard to all persons who are affected by the company's activities, as required by the company, legislation and employees.

- To reduce by all praticable mans the number of accidents, dangerous incidents, damage to property, and hazards to health and safety at the place of work.

- To minimize the environmental impact by controlling waste, preventing pollution, using energy efficiently, remaining aware of hazardous materials and acting as good neighbours.



- Comply with all applicable laws and regulations and any other requirements to which the company subscribes in order to provide a safe working environment.

- Strive to continually improve the Health, Safety and Environmental eformance of the company.

- Provide, develop and maintain procedures as a framework and guide for safe and responsible work practices.

- Ensure that a copy of the HSE Policy and procedures are available to all employees at all times.

- Compel all employees to be aware of their safety and environmental responsibilities, and to ensure compliance with the company's procedures as detailed in the individual's responsibilities.

- Requiring each supervisor to be responsible for and identify (in conjunction with the Safety Advisor) the relevant safety training in all operations.

- Grant employees the proper authority to implement teh HSE Policy throughout operations.